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As the Kennel Club says, "Dogs are more popular than ever. In the hearts and minds of people everywhere, dogs are true companions and make a real difference to our lives. That's why every year, they decide to honor dogs — and the people who bring us beautiful photos of them — by holding the Dog Photographer of the Year contest. The winners were selected earlier this year and show man's best friend in all their loving, inquisitive, and adorable glory. Keep scrolling to learn more about these 20 photos, their canine subjects, and the hard-working photographers behind each shot.

This is Merlin, a year-old rescued Podengo. And still more lucky to get the chance to take photos of wonderful dogs in these magnolia," Czichocki told the Kennel Club. It wasn't easy to take photos of him because of his absolutely deafness. He gave me so many beautiful moments as you can see in this picture. This is Merlin, beautiful, dreamy and kind of wise.

A wonderful old dog with so much charisma. Right to the very end of her photo session at Beacon Fell, Bailee leapt and scrambled over logs smiling down at me hopefully for a snack," said Race. I created this portrait in a bright wide angle format to accentuate the pup-like spirit that shone from her.

I tucked myself in close as she gleefully watched my lens, capturing every grin — and drop of drool — that she had to give. She captured this photo while the organization worked with some dogs, like Lilly, pictured, at a retirement home. This once again shows the very special connection between dogs and human beings. Allard's not just a professional photographer, she's "also a dog trainer and had the pleasure of meeting Bosco and working with his handler to help them earn certification with Therapy Dogs International," she said. Bosco lowers the stress level of any room he's in, but he's especially magical with children, enabling their tensions to melt away.

I also wanted to make people smile when they see this picture. She is actually a trainer. She teaches tricks to dogs.

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I saw her videos of doing these awesome tricks with her dogs and I just knew that I had to photograph them," said Kecskes. I think the most challenging part was to find the right focal length and angle to capture them in a way that really showed how awesome was what they were doing.

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As I have had dogs all my life and formed some extraordinary bonds with [dogs], I of course welcome any dog that wants to say hello," said Scherpel. Their eagerness, their innocence and the way they so happily go wherever they may be needed makes them men's best co-workers. Sherpel, who is not a professional photographer, took this image "solely This is one of the brief moments she paused. Item 2 is the Jackery Explorer , and it is the second portable power station in today's giveaway.

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Thanks to Jackery's generosity two of our lucky readers will snag this bad boy once the drawing for this contest takes place Friday morning. This way you can easily store it out of the way when it's not in use. Three winners will be selected. Only United States residents may enter. Good luck everyone! We would also like to take this chance to point our readers towards a campaign to raise funds for the CA wildfire relief. Jackery Portable Charger giveaway. View Results. Discuss This Poll. Tip Us.

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An office for reproductive freedom? Uh, no. He also sounded pained that Democrats are criticizing Democrats in a presidential primary, which they do every four years. And there were moments where she cut through questions with ease. But her exchange about Twitter with Warren was inexplicable and a real low point. She is misinformed. But mostly she sounds annoyed and affected. Discipline is her strength — she commands her facts and figures — but empathy is her weakness.

But like so many others, she needs a breakout issue.

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Her campaign continues to lose altitude — fast. It was one of the most unbecoming moments of the primary thus far. America is moving on.

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Expect his poll numbers to be stable again. His petulance in the late exchange with Warren drew an unfavorable contrast with her stinging restraint. But his non-confrontational style came across as cowed. He was flat and forgettable. Enough said. The rest of what he says is an Economist editorial.

I will have you to dinner and let you talk as long as you want if you will withdraw. Not only does he believe that we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution; he is not going to let you forget it. He was a source of good sense on wealth taxes, but unnecessarily alienated faithful Bing users. But Elizabeth Warren?